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If you can hold and turn a screwdriver, you are qualified for mounting our Spice Racks and Storage Drawers.  It’s so easy an eleven year old can help do it.  My cousin’s daughter was a valuable assistant in installing spice rack drawers in their cabinets.  These units make everyone a DIYer.  

The Units come pre-assembled except for the easy step of putting the elastic bands in place.  Your most important step will be to locate the drawers in your cabinet so they don’t interfere with the hinges and doors when operated, very obvious and easy to do.


Included with each drawer unit is a set of mounting screws, you supply the Phillips screwdriver. A firm downward pressure on the screwdriver while turning will fasten the self-tapping screws in place. You must install all the screws in the bases to prevent the unit from tipping down when you pull a loaded drawer out.

x11 (10.6"depth) - x14 (13.8" depth) Installation Instructions

x22 (22.1" depth) Installation Instructions


How-To Install

Easy to follow instructions to install your new Spice Rack Drawers and Storage Solution Drawers.  All you need is a Philips Screwdriver and Pencil/pen or tape.  In a short period of time you will have your drawer units in place, loaded and working for you.

 Adding Bands to your Deep Cabinet Units

A quick look at adding bands to all the sections of your units.  The lower sections have specially designed cutouts to hold the bands. Find spice rack replacement rubber bands here.

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