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Mounting screws are included with your unit.  The screws are self tapping and will screw into almost all materials, except for stone, tile or granite (you may have to pre-drill for a metal shelf).

The screws extend through the base .375" (3/8").  Most cabinets and shelves are at least 1/2" and usually 3/4" thick.  The mounting screw should not protrude through the shelf.

If you decide to remove and move your units, the remaining holes are small and not very noticeable.  A little rub of the old hole will smooth it out.


Anybody can do it!!

Each unit base MUST be attached to the cabinet/pantry bottom or a permanently fixed shelf with the included screws.

  • The mounting screws will fasten into almost any material, except metal or stone.
  • Failure to attach will result in the Drawer and its contents tipping and falling out when extended.
  • The Drawers are intended for mounting to a fixed base.
  • If mounted to a movable/adjustable shelf, you MUST first secure that shelf to the cabinet side to make it permanent.  A simple "L" bracket attached to the back of the cabinet with the leg on the shelf will work. Home improvement stores carry shelf clips that lock a shelf in place or D.I.Y. with blocks of wood or brackets (not-included).


  • The contents you store on a shelf and the weight of the Drawer(s) can cause a shelf to bow and the whole shelf could tip when a drawer is extended and the shelf not secured permanently.


Vertical Spice units can be mounted to wire shelving. Your shelves must be secure and not "tippable". Pull down on the front of your shelf, if it is secure and does not move, our Spice Rack Drawers are compatible.

We carry a Mounting Kit for wire shelves.


Mounting Hardware we recommend (per each mounting hole):

  • #8-32 x 1 1/4" Round Head Bolts
  • #8-32 Nylon Lock Nuts
  • 1 1/4" Outside Diameter Fender Washers

Spice Rack Mounted to Wire Shelf - Top View

View from the top with drawers extended to show bolts in mounting holes. 

Spice Rack Mounted to Wire Shelf - Bottom View

View from the bottom to show Fender Washers and Nuts.

6.9" wide bases have 4 mounting holes per base.

All other bases (2.3", 3.45", 4.6" and 5.75") have 2 mounting holes per base.

The bases can be easily drilled if you require alternate hole locations.


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