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The quick and easy answer is our biggest seller, the 222x2x11 Spice Rack. Three 2.1" wide drawers, each individual drawer two tiers tall, offer great storage and complete access to 30 standard sized spice jars.

For the best organization of all your different containers, we offer many sized storage drawers. Easy to install and quality built, follow the below steps to create your custom solution.

Visit "Self-Help Product Selector" for a helpful cabinet design aid.

3 Easy Steps to DIY

1) What's in your cabinet?

Your Containers, How Many and How Big?

Our drawers come in 2.1", 3.25" 4.4", 5.55" and 6.7" widths. Arrange your "to-be" organized containers by drawer size.

2) Measure your cabinet.

Inside Width, Height and Depth.

Our units all have slide out drawers.

You are measuring to find the largest "Box" you could slide in and out of your cabinet space without catching on a door hinge or cabinet frame.

The front of our units fit on a flush shelf or over a cabinet face frame.

Use the Cabinet Size Calculator to help you find the right size spice rack for your space.

1-2-3-4 easy steps to maximize your cabinet space

3) Select Vertical Spice units.

Our full list of units by size and material is in "Products".

Visit "Self-Help Product Selector" for a helpful cabinet design aid.

Choose a Category of product by the depth (if you have 11" space, choose 10.6" units)

Units starting with 2 = 2.10" wide drawers, good for regular spice containers

Units starting with 3 = 3.25" wide drawers, good for larger containers, vinegars, oils.

Units starting with 4, 5 or 6 are 4.4", 5.55" or 6.7" wide, best for a variety of container sizes.

About Vertical Spice Units:

  • Our products come in a variety of widths, depths and heights to custom meet your unique needs.
  • A unit comes with Drawer(s) mounted to a Base. The base is .1" wider than the drawer on each side.
  • Bases are available in widths of 2.3", 3.45", 4.6", 5.75" and 6.9".
  • You can install a single unit or multiple units side by side or spaced apart.
  • Easy to install, just a philips screwdriver.

- Product size and naming is DRAWERS x TIERS x DEPTH.  Visit "Names Explained" for more name information.

- Please take a few minutes and hopefully it will all start to make sense, or give us a call and we will help you 612-254-2590.