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Our initial sales began in late 2012. We are very excited about the acceptance of our kitchen cabinet spice racks and really appreciate the comments our customers have taken the time to send. Below are a sampling of the many responses received. Our goal is to give you a great product at a fair price with customer service you deserve.

We are 4.9 out of 5 Star rated on Amazon. Our company and all our products have been well received with hundreds of reviews posted on Amazon from satisfied customers.

4.9 out of 5 Star rated on Facebook.  Visit our Facebook page ( for more comments. 

You amazing, talented, creative people at Vertical Spice, I LOVE my rack but need another one. Who knew one could have so many spices! Blame it on my love of international cooking. You all rock, thank you!!!!

JB from Idaho

I love these slide out spice racks. Ordered a 222x2, a 22x2 and a (I think) a 33x2 about 4 years ago for our new home. It allowed me to alphabetize all my spices (the racks are full) so anything I need is literally at my fingertips. I didn’t see a Facebook page or I would have posted this on there. Feel free to move it there if you have a Facebook page. Recently ordered a set for my daughter who has wanted one for a while. Thanks for this great kitchen organizer. Worth every penny. PK from Minnesota
We love these drawers. Not only are they well thought out and well made, they are packaged so that they arrive in the condition in which they were sent. The installation instructions were well written and installation was simple. Customer Service was very helpful and accommodating. Excellent company, product and customer service. Thanks.

Spice Racks 22

DB from Missouri

I've had these for over a year now and it has totally been one of the absolute best investments in my kitchen!

PL from New York

Just wanted to say that the spice racks we ordered exceeded our expectations. The installation was very easy and the slides work great. We will be ordering one more spice rack in the near future. Amazing how much space the vertical spice racks have freed up.

JW from Fort Worth, TX

Vertical Spice folks….

I have to say that I am more than pleased with your shelving solution! It took me less than 4 minutes to completely install two units. (It took me longer to remove the shelves from the meticulously packed box!)

The shelving is sturdy, the sliding mechanism is very smooth and everything feels like it is great quality.

It has really maximized my space and solved the problem of my cluttered spice cabinet. I appreciate your product and your great service. (Thanks for the Military discount!) I have included a couple of pictures to show how well your shelves integrated into my shelving.

 Easy Install Spice RackEasy Install Spice Rack 

I just wanted to say thank you.

JT from Kansas City, KS

We received our shelves and installed them today. They were packaged perfectly, so easy to install, well made and the design is brilliant. Exactly what we were looking for. Thanks!

TS-R from Chicago, IL

Hi Scott, Just wanted to send you a photo of our WONDERFUL new spice racks, I LOVE THEM. I have ordered an additional one for my cabinet and an Easter gift for our son the chef . . .

PS So happy to get rid of the 30+ year old lazy susan!!!!!

Wall Mounted Spice Racks

JK from Fort Wayne, IN

Hi All, I got my racks today and am overwhelmed. VERY VERY well made. Packaging superb, craftsmanship awesome, and on, and on. Installation was a snap...actually, it took me longer to get them out of the packing carton than to install. I am very impressed. Thank you so much. I plan to put pictures up on my Facebook page and also to send them to everyone on my email list with a glowing recommendation. Thank you so much for sharing as well, I feel like I have a new bunch of friends. My background in high quality commercial print for over 40 years saw me in customer service to almost all levels. You folks are "getting it right." When I first found your site over a year ago, I said to myself," to expensive." Well, they are NOT. You get what you pay for and what you sell is well worth the price. And best of all is "Made in America."

PS I just placed another order. The clutter is on its way OUT!

B & R from Centerfield, UT

I just installed the Vertical Spice system in my cabinets this afternoon, and I am loving it! It's the perfect solution for storing spices and easily finding what you need. We have over 30 spice bottles, in addition to hot sauces and over-sized spice rub bottles. The 222x2x10 and 4x1x10 fit our undersized cabinets perfectly, and hold nearly all of our spices and condiments. The slides are smooth, and the drawers are extremely sturdy, even when completely extended. Fantastic! Thank you so much!

DT from Vienna, VA

Just a note to follow up to tell you how much I love my spice racks. The craftsmanship and functionality can't be beat! Thank you, CR

CR from Elmhurst, IL

I FREAKING LOVE THEM!!! They do everything I had hoped for and more. YAHOO!!! And when my sister saw them she was so jealous!! She was going to go home and look you up right away, but then she realized she has custom cabinets for a reason. Hers are not as deep as the standard, AND she doesn't have the lip on hers either. But not to worry, I'm not done telling people about them and showing them off. My friend from grade school is coming over. She saw them sitting on my counter before I "installed" them, which is so simple btw. Now she'll see how much they hold and how awesome they work. Do you need a poster child for your business?? I can't wait to put some more of these babies in my cabinets. Wowser. You haven't heard the last of me!!! In fact, I think I'll go to your website right now and see what else I can use!
Thanks so much! You are BRILLIANT!!!!

DO from Hudson WI

Oh my gosh. I just installed my shelving unit and it took 12 minutes. These shelves are the greatest invention since the computer. Thank you for creating such a well-made American product that will probably out last me and go to my children when I'm no longer using them. Thank you again.

KS from Mentor, OH

m-before.png Organized Spices
My order arrived yesterday and I immediately cleared out my spice cabinet, installed the vertical spice unit and reassembled my spices.

You can't believe how pleased I am with the result. Your product is clever, well designed and of good quality. I have included some before and after pictures-what a difference! Thanks so much!

MS from Ann Arbor, MI (very satisfied customer)

After looking in all the local stores and searching the Internet, I was lucky enough to find the Vertical Spice Racks. I had several questions and I called the company and got all my questions answered.

They were shipped to me promptly and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with them! The maple color is the perfect match for my cabinets and they are just exactly what I wanted and needed.

They are very attractive, slide in and out easily and it is easy to see all of my spices just at a glance. They are worth twice the price!

My calculations were wrong and I ordered three of the racks but my cabinet would only hold two. Returning the other rack was not a problem and I received my refund promptly. I could not be more pleased.

TAH from Plano, TX

What a GREAT product! I am building a new house and was working out the kitchen cabinet perks and was quoted $100.00 to hang a 3 shelf spice rack on the door of a standard kitchen cabinet. After I told cabinet guy I didn't want the $100.00 spice rack I went searching the internet. I searched the internet for over an hour and realized that EVERYONE was overcharging for a simple door mounted spice rack. $40.00 - $50.00 for a nice wooden one.

I finally narrowed my search in Google to sliding+spice+rack and you were the 3rd link. It was like angels singing when I clicked on the link and your web page opened. It was EXACTLY what I wanted before I knew what I even wanted. When I saw your home page everything just clicked in my head. Then I started to worry about how much these would cost. I easily found the Product Options Chart link right on the home page and I was pleasantly surprised to find ALL the pricing / Shelves per drawer / dimensions / materials on one page without having to add to cart for each item I was interested in.

Whoever helped you with your website should be proud of their work. It helps sell your products. Back to pricing. $32.00 to $70.00 is in my range but what about the Quality??? I also hesitate to say this but knowing the quality of your product I would now easily pay more for this quality spice rack system. I think I will quickly order for my 2nd shelf before you raise the prices. Price and quality are tied together so I read all the testimonials and decided to take the leap and buy. I was also surprised by the weight and quality of the slides.

When anyone advertises Made In Amercia the quality of YOUR merchandise is what they should aspire to. When I was showing off my new spice racks to my mother she took them home to use in her kitchen. She played the 27 hrs of child bearing labor AND the college tuition card and the spice racks I just bought were gone in the same amount of time it took me to unpack them from the shipping boxes. I had to order more right away.

I appreciate that someone took the time to hand write on my packing slip "Thanks for the re-order!" Imagine that - a real person taking a second to care about their customers. Those employees are a dying breed. I live in Strongsville Ohio and work in Mayfield Village Ohio and I want you to know if your sales boost in this area it is because I will not shut up about these spice racks.

I took them to work and showed them off to let my friends know what a great product I found. Everyone was interested because we all share the same misery of turntable spice racks. (I can’t see what I have / I have dbl and triple of the same items / they keep tipping over / they fall off the back to the abyss). They are even taking them home to measure. All of this might be too much to post on the testimonials page but I could not help myself. And if you do post it on that page then please refer to me as Big Red from Strongsville Ohio. I even gave the cabinet guy your website and told him he could easily sell these and the price is right.

I wish your company tons of success. You deserve it!

Big Red from Strongsville Ohio

I want to thank you for so promptly taking care of my request for help this week. The spice rack came yesterday and my husband installed it in our Travel Trailer today. It is exactly what we need in that limited space. Your prompt response to questions, amazing product quality, easy install and exceptional functionality....all of these assets are what create repeat business and great referrals! I'll be back!! Thank you!

CW from Liberty Lake, WA

Hey! I got my custom cut vertical spice racks yesterday and they FIT PERFECTLY!  We love them! Thanks so much for all your personal service.

I can't wait to show them off (and create more customers for you!)

CC from Van Nuys, CA

I just installed my two new spice racks (222x1x11) and they look great! I watched the how-to video and for a visual learner like me, it made it a cinch. I've been searching for a long time for a solution for my spice drawer disaster and I'm thrilled with this product. My cabinet looks neat and organized and everything is so easy to access. And now I have a drawer that's free for something else. Thanks for such a great product that is high quality and simple to install. I posted photos of it on my Facebook with a link to your website so my friends will be inspired to order too!

Thanks again!

DM from Colorado Springs, CO

We received the spice racks yesterday, Thank you. It took longer to unpack the boxes than it did to setup the racks :)   WOW, what a difference! You guys have a nice product, Thanks a bunch...

KY from Athabasca, AB, Canada

OMG! I love these spice racks. They were easy to install, love the quality and they sure helped my cabinet. A real find!

PS from Spring Lake, MI

I received one double-height three-drawer spice rack and one large single height drawer. I couldn't be more pleased.
  • Scott was marvelous to deal with. Answered all my questions and accommodated my special site needs.
  • The units came quickly – ordered Monday & arrived Friday. Just as Scott promised.
  • The units look great. Excellent quality.
  • Are you a klutz? I am, but these units were really easy to install. I did it myself without the extra pair of hands that the instructional video recommends.
  • My spice cabinet was pretty neat before, but it came at a cost. Always needing to reshuffle stuff and not being able to see what I had. The result was multiples of some spices and LOTS of aggrivation. Now, everything that was on my shelf, and more besides, is in one of the two units and easily accessible. I’m not expecting to purchase more duplicates.
I highly recommend this product and will be telling all my friends. THANKS, SCOTT.

JR from Chicago, IL

Received the spice racks today - easy installation and I am happy to say this is the 1st spice storage system that has ever worked for me! Holds every size container, easy to find everything, sturdy and fits perfectly in the cabinet. Thanks

KD from Howell, NJ

I was excited to get the first one to see how it fits. Came back to order another one. Thanks for making a great product!!!

MW from Colorado Springs, CO

Pull Out Spice Storage
One of the first things I noticed, even before opening the box, was that it had a nice weight to it (which in my mind translates to quality). After I opened the boxes, I thought, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? I have nothing even close to being as nice and user friendly as these products are.

TS from Greensboro, NC

We purchased the 3 x 2 and received it last week. We love it!! Thank you so much for the creativity and functionality of this product. Everyone who enters our home gets a "tour" of our new spice rack. :-)

DS from Ohio

I just wanted to thank you for your quick shipping. I received my spice rack within 24 hours of ordering. It was very easy to install and so much fun to fill up! Thanks for making a great product that works very well in my narrow cupboard. Can't wait to start cooking and being able to find just the spice I want quickly. :)

JD from Dassel, MN

Installed the three racks today -- they are beautiful, and they work well. Thanks!

KS from Eugene, OR

I received the spice racks (2 of the 3x2(222x2x11) racks) on Friday and installed them yesterday. They are fantastic and exceeded my expectations!! The construction is very sturdy and solid and they were super easy to install. The 2 racks fit perfectly into my cabinet and I love the way all my spices are now organized.

I'm delighted I found you on the web. I wish you lots of luck with your business!!

NT from Wayne, PA

We put the spice rack in a few minutes ago. It was simple to install and I absolutely love the functionality. Great design. Next time we are in Tucson we will figure out where we can use more of your designs.

R.A. and D.F. from Minneapolis, MN

Pull Out Spice Rack
The installer, a carpenter, was very impressed with the design and how well made the rack is. I am in love with it. I can see and reach all my spices, and even have room for more.

TE from St. Louis, Mo

Kitchen Cabinet Spice Rack
Merry Christmas to me! I love this...Everyone should have these!!!!! Thank you

TH from Champlin Park, MN

Very, very impressed. Makes finding spices easier and keeps things neater. Very high quality, easy to put together and easy to use.

PW from Haiku, HI

The drawers are just perfect! My mom was thrilled to have organization in her spice cupboards, saying "I've waited 57 years, and I never dreamed I would have something as wonderful as this in my cupboards. They're perfect!" While she wasn't too keen on the drawers being screwed into the shelves, she very quickly acquiesced. I want to thank you for manufacturing a product which is the best spice storage solution available (bar none), and for your super customer service. I'm a very happy customer!

SA from PE Canada

I LOVE the spice rack. I received it as a gift and installed it the next day. Not only is it useful, it is absolutely beautiful!

CS from Plymouth, MN

222 x 2 x 11 Installed 6 x 1 x 11 New Wood Installed
 Organized Spice Rack  big-bottle-organized.png

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