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Spice Racks Partial Assembled


NEW PRODUCTS - Same Great Product - These are our best selling units in partially assembled form. We have reduced the price and reduced the shipping size.  Better for the environment and better for our customers.  You supply the Do-It-Yourself final assembly, easy screw attach of the front and back plastics.  Savings compared to full assembled units ranges from 8% - 17%.

Spice Rack drawers and Storage drawers (x11) for 10.60" depth spaces.  Measure from the back of the cabinet to inside the closed door. 

These vertical spice racks and wider drawers fit most standard cabinets and come in many widths to match your container sizes.  Organize your spices with the best spice racks for a cabinet storage solution that allows you to quickly and easily find your cooking flavors.

  • Drawer organizers available in widths of 2.3, 3.45, 4.6, 5.75 and 6.9 inches to help meet your organization imagination.
  • All units mount separately or side-by-side.
  • Each drawer on the unit base operates independently.
  • Top quality, designed for years and years of continuous use.
  • Some assembly required.

Products are sorted by base width, from widest (6.9") to narrowest (2.25")

Chart of Partially Assembled Units in 10.6" Depth (inches)

Product Name


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This UnitUnit Width (Base)Unit HeightDrawer Tiers and Spacing


  in Spice Jars (2"x5")

222 x 2 x 11 DCP
Three 2.1” Wide Drawers 6.9 10.75 Two Tiers Tall Spaced 5.375” 30 Std or 60 half
33 x 1 x 11 DCP
Two 3.25” Wide Drawers 6.9 5.0 Single Height Drawers Large and Tall Containers
6 x 1 x 11 DCP
One 6.7” Wide Drawer 6.9 5.0 Single Height Drawer Largest and Tall Containers
22 x 2 x 11 DCP
Two 2.1” Wide Drawers 4.6 10.75 Two Tiers Tall Spaced 5.375” 20 Std or 40 half
2 x 2 x 11 DCP
One 2.1” Wide Drawer 2.3 10.75 2 Tiers Tall Spaced 5.375” 10 Std


Patent US 201401252 A1

Partially Assembled -  Vertical Spice units arrive partially assembled with all required parts.

Drawer length is 10.05" between front and back plastics.

Depth: Measured from back of cabinet to inside the closed door.

Height*- 10.75" requires 12" space for Standard Spice Jar
           - 5" requires 6" space for Standard Spice Jar 

Width: Minimum space between hinge and frame, fit to space by base width.

Tier 1 Shelf Height - 1.5" from top of shelf to unit base bottom 
Tier 2 Shelf Height - 7.13" from top of shelf to unit base bottom

Standard Spice Jars
A standard spice jar = Diameter 2" or less, Height up to 5" tall.  Half-size = 2 1/8" tall x 2" diameter (stack-able)

Vertical Spice Partially Assembled Units


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