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Spice storage solutions created by Vertical Spice. Hopefully the amatuer camerman, actors, editors and producers do not distract from the professional products. We made these vertical spice rack videos back in 2012, they will give you an idea on how our products work and how easy they are to install.

Not All Spice Racks are Created Equal

Spice Organization Simplified. Innovative Spice Rack Drawer and Storage Solution Drawers operate smoothly to give you full access to your investment in spices and flavors. Flexible bands and clear end panels provide vision of containers and easy placement and removal. The sturdy build is meant for daily use and the ball bearing slides present the spices when you want them.

Load'Em Up

The Vertical Spice - Spice Rack Drawer and Storage Solution Drawers are in place and ready. Time to load the shelves and organize your flavors. Spice container access doesn't get any better than this. Your spices and your kitchen cabinet, plus the Vertical Spice Drawers will give you smooth, fast and flexible selection of flavors never before realized.

Products of Vertical Spice

A quick look at the family of products available from Vertical Spice.  A combination of 15 different types, 5 unique designs with a choice in 3 materials.  Revolutionary Spice Rack Drawers and Storage Solution drawers to assist in organizing your flavors of life.

How-To Install

Easy to follow instructions to install your new Spice Rack Drawers and Storage Solution Drawers.  All you need is a Philips Screwdriver and Pencil/pen or tape.  In a short period of time you will have your drawer units in place, loaded and working for you.


Adding Bands to your Deep Cabinet Units

A quick look at adding bands to all the sections of your units.  The lower sections have specially designed cutouts to hold the bands.

Inside the Retail Box

You are on your way to spice and flavor organization.  Here is the look at what you receive from Vertical Spice in the retail box.  A pre-assembled drawer unit, installation instructions, mounting screws and flexible bands make up the contents.