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Remove drawer with slide tab

We use steel ball-bearing 100Lb. rated slides for our pull out spice drawers.

x11 drawers use 10" full-extension slides with 10.5" of travel.  You can access all containers on the drawer.

x14 drawers use 14" full-extension slides with 14" of travel.

x22 drawers use 22" full-extension slides with 22" of travel.

All sliding spice rack drawers are easily removed with a quick lever push on the slide (pull the drawer out all the way to expose the locking tab).


Before mounting Spice Racks you can turn the units over to easily access drawer release tab.

After units are mounted, just pull the drawer out to full extension and the release tab will be visible (from below on x11s and x14s) and accessible for drawer removal.

The slide tabs limit the slide extension after the drawer is slid back into place.

Spice Rack Drawer Locking Tab

x11 - x14 Units - Slide Locking Tab on Bottom of Drawer.






 x22 Units - Slide Locking Tabs on Side.

The slides then push back on and click into place to prevent pulling off.


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