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Your cabinet is measured, time to design your space.

Visit "Self Help Product Selector" for a Great Cabinet Layout Tool.

Products all named by DRAWERS x TIERS x DEPTH and material (222x2x11DC).  Visit "Names Explained" for more details

How the 222x2x11 Spice Rack is namedHow the 222x1x11 Spice Rack is namedHow the 33x1x11 Spice Rack is named

1) Depth of Products

Your measured cabinet depth determines which family of products to choose from.  Your cabinet depth must be greater than or equal to the depth of the units.

  • We have 4 different product depths to maximize your storage space. 10.6" (x11), 13.8" (x14), 18.0" (x18) and 22.1" (x22)

Cabinet Spice Rack Fit

2) Height Available

Our units come in a variety of tiers tall.  The products Do Not stack, but, placing a shelf above a lower unit and mounting an additional unit to the shelf is a great way to utilize your full cabinet height space.

  • Remember to consider the height of your container on the top tier when estimating total clearance space required.

Vertical Spice Rack Size Comparison

3) Width

Our unit bases are available in widths of 2.30", 3.45", 4.6", 5.75" and 6.9".  Fit the width of your cabinet based on the BASE WIDTH of the units.  The drawers on each unit are in from the side edge of the base .1" for clearance, so, when you place two units side-by-side you have a .20" space between drawers.  We have a variety of drawer combinations on the bases.

4) Material

Choose the material you prefer, Cream (HDPE lumber) or Maple.  Both perform the same, the choice is visual.

5) Select Units

A great design aid can be found at "Self-Help Product Selector".  Just enter your cabinet dimensions and the units fitting your space will be shown.

Select the units that best fit your storage needs.  The "Products" page has a list of dimensions and capacities for all of our units.  There is greater detail for each unit on their own page. Start with the measured width of your cabinet space before selecting your spice rack drawer space.


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