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Installation of the Vertical Spice Units is very simple and easy. Below is a quick set of instructions.

More details are in the Vertical Spice Rack Installation Instructions shipped with each unit.

Tools Needed

  • Phillips Screwdriver and Pencil/Pen or Tape


  • Assembled Drawer Unit, Elastic Bands (1 for each empty groove set), Mounting Screws (1 for each base mounting hole), Installation Instructions

Prepare the Cabinet Space

  • Each Drawer MUST be attached to the cabinet bottom or a permanently fixed shelf with the included screws. Failure to attach will result in the Drawer and its contents tipping and falling out when extended. The drawers are intended for mounting to the bottom of cabinets or permanently fixed shelves, if mounted to a movable shelf, you MUST first secure the shelf to make it permanent with locking shelf supports, or blocks of wood (not-included). The contents you store on a shelf and the weight of the Drawer(s) can cause a shelf to bow and the whole shelf could tip when a drawer is extended and the shelf not secured permanently

Attach Bands - x11 depth units

    • Place one Elastic Band (they are supplied) in each set of empty grooves.

Pull Out Spice Rack

Attach Bands - x22 depth units

  • Place one Elastic Band (they are supplied) in each set of empty grooves, bands in center partition share notches.

Spice RackKitchen Spice RackPull Out Spice RackSpice RackPull Out Spice Rack

Locate All Units In Cabinet

    • Locate all units in place to ensure fit is acceptable. Open and close each drawer to ensure no interference with hinges, frame or doors. Place a few spices and containers on the shelves to ensure height of upper shelf is acceptable.
    • Push drawers all the way to the back, onto the rubber stopper.
    • The bases and drawer fronts should be even to each other.

Pull Out Spice Rack

Mount Units to Shelf

    • Keep the unit base in place and pull out the unit drawer, place a mounting screw into a base mounting hole. Use a philips screwdriver and turn the screw into place. The screw should be turned to fit snuggly against the base. Repeat for all screws.

Easy Install Spice Rack

Load your Spices

  • You are now ready to enjoy your Vertical Spice organized cabinet.

DIY - An Old Video Showing How Easy It Is


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