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Strong, renewable, beautiful and machinable was the search criteria. We offer both a solid Maple in a clear coat Varnish and an HDPE lumber in Cream color.  Both materials will perform the same and provide similar durablity and easy clean-up properties.  The ultimate choice is cosmetic and personal preference.  Select the Cream HDPE material if the units will be placed in a wet environment, like under your sink.  The materials we chose are meant to last the life of your cabinets.  Below are the details on our spice rack storage material options:


Taking advantage of Vertical Spice's Minnesota location, home to hardwood forests, we headed north to the lake country and found a wonderful selection of maple products at Aitkin Hardwoods. Besides the wood being beautiful and strong, maple trees are also definitely renewable. Design and production details were worked out and we now receive our boards directly from the mill, supplied with solid pieces for the drawers and edge glued maple pieces to prevent warping for the bases. We are excited about the great look and function of the finished maple drawers. Maple is definitely a beautiful premium product.

Cream (Starboard HDPE)

We are really, really, really excited about this material.  Very tough and versatile.  This is marine grade used on ocean vessels and the same material used in those new Adirondack chairs and other outdoor furniture that will last forever.  You will be showing off your new spice organization and this product will be the centerpiece of your versatile kitchen spice assistant.


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