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There is no standard spice jar, there are a wide variety of sizes sold by many different companies.
We consider the standard size to be 2" in diameter and 5" tall, this is the larger of the sizes available. 
Penzey's and other premium brands use the larger size, McCormick goes smaller with 1.8" diameter and 4.5" tall.
Half size containers stack very nicely, 2 in the spot of one standard spice, our units have a band to hold each stacked spice jar.
Common Brands include:

Spice Island
Morton and Bassett
Spice Trend

Standard Sized Spice Jars

  • Standard Size: 5" tall or less x 2" diameter or less
  • Half-Size: 2 3/8" tall or less x 2" diameter (stack-able)
  • (approximate dimensions for standard size spice container)

Spice Jar Fits in Spice Rack Drawers

Our Spice Jar capacity by depth size, shown on a single tier drawer.

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