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  • All our units can stand alone or fit side-by-side.
  • Installed with just a phillips screwdriver.
  • You are measuring for the largest box that will slide in and out of your space without hitting any frame, hinge or other obstruction.

Measure the WIDTH - DEPTH - HEIGHT of the space you will be placing the unit(s).

Use the Cabinet Designer, our handy cabinet spice rack sizing tool, with your dimensions to aid in finding your custom answer.

1) Measure Width (narrowest space).

Measure the narrowest width, between your hinges, of the cabinet.  If you only have one door or a center frame, measure from the hinge to the frame.  Our units have drawers that will extend out of your cabinet.

You will use the width dimension to determine which and how many units will fit side-by-side in your space.

Measuring for your pull out spice rack

2) Measure Depth.Spice rack for your kitchen cabinet

Measure from the back of the cabinet to inside the closed door.

  • Back of the cabinet.  Some cabinets have a block of wood or there may be electrical wiring, this will affect fit.
  • Closed Door.  Doors vary greatly, some will sit away from the frame, some will have inserts extending back into the cabinet.
  • Cabinet frame or "Front Lip" - Our units have a cut-out and are designed to fit over the frame.

Our x11 (10.6" deep) units need a minimum of 10.6" of space.

3) Measure Height.

Measure height from the cabinet base or shelf to the shelf above.

Units can be placed on shelves.  The shelves must be fixed in place to keep the shelf and contents from tipping when a drawer is pulled out.

  • The top of the drawer on our x2 and x1.5 tier units is 7.25" from the base.
  • The drawer top of our single tier units is 1.5" from the base. Add the height of your containers to the drawer tops to determine the total height needed.

Kitchen cabinet spice rack

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