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Reference Each Specific Product page for detailed size and weight for each unit.  Vist the Product Chart to see a table comparing all available products sizes and capacities.  Use the Cabinet Designer to design your custom organization solution.

  • We have a family of x11 units, 10.6" deep, designed to fit in most of today's cabinets.
  • There is also a line of similar designs of x14 units (13.8" deep) for deeper cabinet spaces.
  • To fully access your deep cabinets, we have x22 (22.1" deep) models. 

There are many styles of units in a variety of widths to meet your custom needs.

  • Our unit bases are available in widths of 2.30", 3.45", 4.6", 5.75" and 6.9".
  • Fit the width of your cabinet based on the BASE WIDTH of the units.  
  • The drawers on each unit are in from the side edge of the base .1" for clearance, so, when you place two units side-by-side you have a .20" space between drawers.  
  • We have a variety of drawer combinations on the bases. 

They come in three heights (base to top of clear plastic front and backs):

  • The 2-Tier racks (222 x 2 x 11 or 23 x 2 x 11) Spice Racks are 10.75" tall (to the top of the clear front and back panels). You will need about 12" from the cabinet base to the bottom of your first shelf to fit standard spice containers.
  • The 1 1/2-Tier racks (222 x 1.5 x 11) Spice Racks are 9.25" tall to the top of the plastic front and back panels. A ½ size spice container on the top shelf requires about 9.5" of clearance from the cabinet base to the bottom of the next shelf.
  • The 1-Tier Units (222 x 1 x 14 or 33 x 1 x 11) products are 5" tall (again to the top of the clear front and back panels). The measurement from the cabinet base to the top of the drawer is 1.5", so the height of your containers determines your fit.
  • x22 units come in a variety of heights, see the specific product pages and charts for all dimensions.

Front Frame Fit:

The front bottom of every unit has a .25" by .80" area of clearance to fit over the cabinet frame.  This allows the unit fit from the back of the cabinet to the inside of the door.


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