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Vertical Spice is Spice Racks and More

Top 10 List of Reasons for Vertical Spice

1)  Time is Limited

2)  Space is Valuable

3)  Spices are an Investment

4)  Complete Organization – Drawer Sizes to Fit You Containers

5)  Made in the USA

6)  You Deserve the Best

7)  Individual Drawers

8)  Quality Materials

9)  You’ve Already Tried the Cheap/Disposable Spice Racks

10)  Very Easy Install


1)  Your Time is Valuable

-          The hunt is over, individual drawers present each row of spices to you.

-          Prep time is creative time, quick, easy, Full Extension Slides give full access to whole cabinet.

-          Running to the store, find what you don’t have with a glance.

-          Keep the party rolling, even charades is more fun than hunt for the Tumeric.

2)  Your Space is Valuable

-          Store more spices in a smaller space

-          Flex-Sides - Patented mini-Bungies hold spices in place, allow easy on/off and over-sized containers.

-          Your Downsizing limits storage space

-          Gain Counterspace and Cabinet Space

-          Vertical Spice Organizers store the most in the least space, smaller is better

Chart of Space to Hold 30 Spice Jars

Product Name

Type of Spice Rack

Size Used

Space Needed

in cubic inches

Vertical Spice 222x2x11

6.9’w x 12’h x 10.6’d


Drawer Tray – 4 rows

16”w x 4.5”h x 22”d


Wall Mount – 5 rows

13”w x 30”h x 3”d


Free Standing 3 Tier Step

21”w x 10”h x 10”d


Cube 3-Drawer Organizer

16”w x 9”h x 11”d


Spicy Shelf

14”w x 12”h x 10”d


Round Carousel

10.5” Dia. X 12”H



3)  Your Spice Investment is Valuable

-          Protect your spices, get them behind closed doors, light and temperature changes are harmful.

-          Avoid expensive duplicates.

-          Spices are not cheap, use the best organizer to utilize your investment. Let’s say you have 30 spices and the average price is about $6 per jar. That equals a $180 investment that you are constantly updating as you use them. Match the best tool (Vertical Spice Rack) to the most expensive food items in your kitchen.

4)  Complete Organization – We Have a Variety of Sizes and Configurations

-          5 different drawer widths to match your collection of containers.

-          Fully assembled units arrive ready to go.

-          1/2 Sized Spice Jars can be stacked and not tip over.

-          Individual drawers eliminate clutter and chaos.

5)  Made in the USA

-          Quality Craftmanship and Materials

-          Honest about our product sizing and size of spice jars.

-          Full Inventory and Quick Delivery

-          Patented Design

-          We back our products

6)  You Deserve the Best

-          You will use your spices every day, multiple times a day.

-          Your spice collection grows with your cooking abilities.

-          This is a necessity not a pampering.

-          Others count on you for another great food experience.

7)  Individual Drawers

-          Bring Full Depth Cabinet Out to You.

-          No hidden containers when the drawer is out.

-          You are not 6’10” tall with a Basketball player’s wingspan.

-          Put the stool away, if you can reach the front of the cabinet you can reach our drawers and pull the spices out to you.

8)  Quality Materials

-          Steel Ball-Bearing full extension slides for effortless, smooth drawer glide.

-          Clear acrylic fronts for complete viewing.

-          Starboard HDPE or Solid Maple construction for great support and easy clean-up.

-          Flex-Sides, Elastic side bands make the difference for easy on/off of containers.

9)  You’ve Already Tried the Cheap/Disposable Spice Racks

-          If it looks too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

-          Wire shelving = tipping and tumbling spices.

-          Don’t open the cabinet door and get hit by falling oregano or thyme.

-          Their unstable cheap plastic construction does not hold up to daily use.

-          The shoebox holds many, just can’t ever find the right one without dumping them all out.

-          Really, Spice Shelf? What about all the dead space in the center and having to reach all the way back?

-          We all started with the carousel, time to move on, you are a good cook and worthy of the best.

10)  Very Easy Install

-          Philips screwdriver. That is it. Enough said.


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