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Patented Design - U.S. Patent Number 9,282,821 B2
Drawer access to the full depth of your cabinet.
  • You've spent a lot of time and money acquiring your spices, herbs, seasonings and flavors.
  • When planning and creating your dishes and desserts you need quick access to your containers.
  • Vertical Spice provides the tools for quick, easy and repeated access to your investment.
  • Our hidden spice rack drawers can complement your existing storage system or help you re-organize and improve your cabinet space usage.

Greatly improved spice and flavor access for the height-challenged or phyically impaired user.  If you can reach the front of the shelf you can pull-out the drawer and have access to all the goods on your shelf. 

We offer unique, compact Vertical Spice storage drawers that hold a large number of spices and containers in a small area. The drawers pull-out the flavors to you, no removing the front containers to get to the back row, no more tip-overs of front items. The elastic bands and clear plastic fronts give you easy access and visibility to everything stored on your drawers. There is no need to repack your spices, just place your purchased containers on the drawer.

Stop those pesky spices from multiplying in dark places.  Have you ever noticed one or two spices that duplicate themselves?  You check your supply of spices and then head to the store, return and find several of the same spices on your shelf where they weren't before.  The Vertical Spice Rack Drawers will make it easy to see all of your spices when you need them.

Drawbacks of existing spice storage methods:

  • Spice racks on cabinet doors – The door racks take up a lot of space for so few items. The shelves in the cabinets themselves must be narrower just to fit the door racks or items must be stored away from the front of the shelves. Tall items tip out when a door is opened quickly.
  • Lazy-Susan's – Lots of wasted cabinet corners. Hidden containers in the center of the shelves. Tight spaces, easy to knock over containers when reaching in. Spices spin off when turned to view.
  • Tiered shelf racks – A lot of wasted space. Knock down front containers when reaching for back containers.
  • Wicker Baskets and Plastic Tubs - They keep the spices from rolling off the shelf, but not the best for easy access and organization.
  • (Disposable) Plastic Spice Racks - Are you kidding, these products give spice racks a bad name.
  • Drawer Storage – Difficult to grab spices. A lot of wasted space. We already don't have enough drawers for the forks, spoons, knives, openers, spatulas, thermometers, whiskers, stirring spoons, wooden spoons, measuring spoons, pasta spoons, pizza cutters, peelers, well, you get the idea.
  • Counter-top Carousels and Dispensers – Spices age quickly when exposed to sunlight. Many storage methods require filling their containers with your purchased spices.

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