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If you are handy with equipment the units can be easily reworked.  The base and drawer materials are all readily machinable and with a little care can be cut to fit your special needs. We coat all exposed surfaces of the Maple with a clear varnish.  The "Cream" units are HDPE and very machinable and solid color throughout.

If you are looking to fit a shallower cabinet, the back of the base and the drawers of the 10.60" units can be cut up to .5" shorter.  If you need to make a narrower unit, the base can be cut between the slides.  Make sure you attach each of your narrow units to the cabinet with at least 2 screws.

Have extra tall spices?  We carry Adjustable Fronts and Backs with pre-drilled holes for easy custom shelf height setting.  Alternatively, to change the spacing between the upper and lower shelves, new holes can be drilled in the plastic.  It is easy to remove a few screws and then take your time drilling the plastic.  When done, you will have a new spacing of shelves to fit your taller spices.

We will customize models to meet your needs and ideas.  If you have special requirements, contact us by email, text or phone and we will work out the details to accommodate your desires.


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