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Our container drawers come in widths of 2.10"-3.25"-4.40"-5.55"-6.7".  If what you plan to store is larger than the drawer width, the flexible sides and drawer spacing could still work for you.

Space between drawers is 0.2" on units with multiple drawers, or when the units are installed tight together.side-by-side-unit-spacing.jpg

Standard Spacing - Units Tight

During installation you can space the different units to give you extra container drawer width space.  Install your first unit, then use a pencil, stir stick, popsicle stick(s) or what ever to temporarily space your next unit for installation.  When your larger containers are on a drawer, they can over hang the side and the elastic side bands will keep them in place and your spacing will give them the room to move.


Custom Spaced - Units Apart for Larger Containers

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