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x14 Depth 2.1 Inch Wide Drawers

Cabinet Organized with Two Drawer Unit Full Cabinet Depth Spice Rack Storage Solution 3 Individual Drawers for 36 Spice Jars

Individual drawers sized for Spice Jars.  Time saving and space saving.  Single jar width reduces your search time drastically.  Compact design maximizes the use full depth of your space.  Patented Flex-Sides hold your containers in place (even stacked 1/2 size jars) and allow for easy on/off and over-sized containers.

  • Fits IKEA 15" Cabinets.
  • Spice jar drawer organizers. Units available with one, two or three drawers mounted to a single base.
  • All units mount separately or side-by-side.  Mount two or more units side by side for added capacity.
  • Each drawer on the unit base operates independently.
  • Cream Units are a high-tech product made of solid HDPE. 
  • Top quality, designed for years and years of continuous use.

Products are sorted by base width, from widest (6.9") to narrowest (2.25")

Chart of x14 - 13.8" Depth - 2.1" Wide Drawer Options (inches)

Product Name


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This Unit Unit Width (Base) Unit Height Drawer Tiers and Spacing


in Spice Jars (2"x5")

222 x 2 x 14
Three 2.1” Wide Drawers 6.9 10.75 Two Tiers Tall Spaced 5.25” 36 Std or 72 half
222 x 1 x 14
222x1x14 Spice Rack
Three 2.1” Wide Drawers 6.9 5.0 Single Height Drawers 18 Std or 36 half
22 x 2 x 14
Two 2.1” Wide Drawers 4.6 10.75 Two Tiers Tall Spaced 5.25” 24 Std or 48 half
2 x 2 x 14
One 2.1” Wide Drawer 2.3 10.75 2 Tiers Tall Spaced 5.25” 12 Std or 24 half

Patent US 201401252 A1

All 13.8" Deep Spice Racks arrive fully assembled with side bands and mounting screws.

Drawer length is 13.25" between front and back plastics.

Depth: Measured from back of cabinet to inside the closed door.

Height*- 10.75" requires 12" space for Standard Spice Jar
            - 5" requires 6" space for Standard Spice Jar 

Width: Minimum space between hinge and frame, fit to space by base width.

Tier 1 Shelf Height - 1.5" from top of shelf to unit base bottom 
Tier 2 Shelf Height - 7.25" from top of shelf to unit base bottom

Standard Spice Jars
A standard spice jar = Diameter 2" or less, Height up to 5" tall.  Half-size = 2 1/8" tall x 2" diameter (stack-able)

Vertical Spice x14 Units


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