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Why Vertical Spice is Top-Rated

Why Vertical Spice is Top-Rated

Vertical Spice products are better than the competition in many categories.

Individual Drawers for Great Visibility

Individual Drawers for access and visibility to all containers. All spice jars are visible with one glance, no shuffling or moving to see hidden jars. Vertical Spice has eliminated the basket search.

Flex-Sides – Quick on and off, yet containers kept in place. Able to stack ½ sized spice jars. Forgiving to over-sized jars so they still fit on the drawer. Any container that fits between the shelves can easily be added or removed. Vertical Spice racks and storage drawers alone have this patented feature.

Flex-Sides for Easy on Off

Compact and space saving. Simply the most spices stored in the smallest space. Designed to maximize your cabinet space and reduce search time. Lazy Susans are round and leave unusable holes. Door Mount Spice Racks eat up valuable space and bottles fall off when doors open. Tiered racks are space wasters and make for long, on your tip-toe reaches.

Quality built in the USA. Sturdy steel ball-bearing slides complement long-lasting quality materials made to last longer than your cabinet.

Installation is simple and easy. Vertical Spice supplies the self-tapping screws, you provide the Phillips screwdriver. No drilling

Vertical Spice Organizes Your Cabinet

Our customers are our best sales people.  Our great reviews are valued and proudly earned.  Hard work and quality materials make the difference.


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