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​Get Organized with a Vertical Spice Rack

​Get Organized with a Vertical Spice Rack

Start saving time and space now. Vertical Spice will help with our top-rated spice rack and storage solution drawers. With more hours spent inside and time spent cooking and cleaning, this is an excellent opportunity to finally tackle cluttered cabinets, kitchen drawers, and more with a Vertical Spice rack. Spend your time creating recipes instead of straining yourself searching for ingredients.

Vertical Spice the Best Cabinet Organizing Solution

Our patented storage solution can also be easily used for a variety of applications and mounts quickly and easily. You can even use one of our spice racks to sort cosmetics, Keurig K cups, cleaning supplies, and anything you’d like to be easily accessible. Our spice racks are straightforward and uncomplicated to install, so you quickly get organized and go back to being focused on creating, cooking and more.

Getting Started for an Easy DIY Spice Rack Installation

We have drawers available in many sizes (widths, depths and heights) and the best fit will depend on your specific space dimensions.

Variety of Drawers for Organization Simplified

First, we recommend checking how many standard spice jars, sauces or canned goods, cleaning supplies, or cosmetics you have. This is the perfect time to throw old or expired items out and begin with a clean slate and a start fresh.

The next step is to measure the narrowest width, between the hinges, of the cabinet. If you have one door or a center frame, measure from the hinge to the frame. This will determine what unit to choose and how many of them will fit side-by-side. Measure the depth of your cabinet and height. Keep these measurements handy when browsing the many different sizes of our storage racks.

How To Get The Perfect Fit For Your Spice Rack

Full Depth Cabinet Organization

The depth of your product determines what family of products to choose from. If your measured depth is less than 11”, you’ll be looking at the x11s line. When you browse our selection of products, you’ll notice racks are labelled by drawers x tiers x depth and material. For example, our 222x2x11 rack can also be described like this:

(222) - three 2.10” wide drawers

(x2) - two tiers tall

(x11) - 10.6” deep

Our Self-Help Product Selector allows you to insert the dimensions of your cabinet or drawer. You’ll get a selection of spice racks and storage solution drawers that will fit your measurements. Add and remove different units to visualize the fit in your cabinet space. The tool only shows units fitting your open space. Vertical Spice racks also feature two different materials, maple wood and an HDPE in cream color.

Install Vertical Spice Racks with Ease

Easy to Install - Just a Phillips Screwdriver

All you need is a screwdriver, a pen, and tape. It comes fully assembled with everything you need inside the box. First, test the fit of your racks in your space. Check the hinge clearance and open and close the drawers. If the fit is good, mark the position of the base with tape in case it moves during mounting. The included screws are then screwed through the rack’s base into the shelf or cabinet. That’s it! The rack will slide easily in and out with every use.

If for some reason your rack does not fit, we offer simple returns or exchanges within 30 days. Our friendly customer service team is always available to help with any questions you may have during ordering or installation. There’s an easy-to-follow instruction guide included in every package.

Vertical Spice Racks Make Organization Simple

We pride ourselves on supporting you in your organizational goals. Check out our customer’s results featured in the Vertical Spice Customer Photo Gallery. After you assemble your rack, please send us your results. We love to see your new and improved drawers and cabinets!


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