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​Basic Spice and Herb Storage Information

​Basic Spice and Herb Storage Information

It’s flavor that matters and storage time of spices and herbs makes a difference. There are many varieties of spices and herbs and they all age at different rates. Here are some suggestions from the experts to make the most of your flavor collection.

Organize and Find Flavors Quickly With Vertical Spice

Trust your nose and eyes. The old sniff test works, if you can’t smell it or it doesn’t seem right, time to part ways. Faded and dull colors are another sign to update your collection.

Store your jars in a dark cabinet, preferably away from heat. Light, heat and moisture are not friends of herbs and spices in storage. Flavor and aroma break down and diminish over time.

You have invested time and money into your spice assortment. A sturdy Vertical Spice spice rack with great visibility and easy container access will complement and enhance your time in the kitchen.

Complete Cabinet Organization and DIY Easy

Spice and Herb jars should be airtight and small. Larger containers make it easier for air and moisture infiltration.

Buy in smaller quantities that you will use in the short term. Buying in bulk can be initially cost effective, but a large container of old dried leaves is not valuable.

Flex-Sides and Individual Drawers

Whole spices have more flavor than ground spices and they last longer too. A quick grind may be worth that extra burst of flavor.

Bringing recipes together at the same time can create hectic moments, organize your spices and herbs by your alphabet or category to shorten search time.

Spice jars are known to multiply in cabinet corners. Before you know it, that messy collection turns into 3 jars of Marjoram of various ages. Organize your herbs and spices, purge the old and flavorless and keep the containers small and in the dark.

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