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In our standard-sized Spice Rack world, the largest model, the 222 x 2 x 14 kitchen storage spice rack (3 drawers by 2 tiers) will hold up to 36 standard sized spice containers and 72 half sized containers. The smallest model, the  2 x 1 x 11 will hold 5 standard spice jars.  We have many designs in between.  Consult the PRODUCTS page to compare units, sizes and capacities of our spice rack storage solutions.  

Complimentary to the Spice Racks are the Storage Solution Drawers.  We have a range of models with 2.10", 3.25", 4.40", 5.55" and 6.7" wide drawers.  These units will bring your wide assortment of large sized and shaped containers from the back row to the front without tipping or rearranging every time they re needed. Again, consult the PRODUCTS page or different Category pages to compare units, sizes and capacities.

Drawer Length (betwen the front and back plastics):

x11  10.05"

x14  13.25"

x22  10.7" per section. 2 sections per drawer

The Best Cabinet Organizer. Period.

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