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Kitchen Tip: Alphabetize Your Spices

Kitchen Tip: Alphabetize Your Spices

Do you have 15 minutes to improve your kitchen today? That's about all you'll need to get your spices alphabetized, and the time you will save hunting for a specific spice will be well worth it.

Spices Taking Over Your Cupboard?

It is easy to accumulate a large variety of spices. If you enjoy cooking, you probably spend a fair amount of time perusing the spice aisle at your local grocery store, as you experiment with new flavors. Before you know it, your cupboard or spice rack is overflowing with everything from Cumin to Coriander.

Alphabetize Spices for Better Organization

To alphabetize your spices, remove them all from the cupboard or spice rack. On a large counter, start placing them in alphabetical order, combining or removing any duplicate spices. Alphabetize within each letter. Once you've got them all in order, place them back into your cupboard or spice rack.

Spice Racks in the Kitchen

A spice rack is a must for any kitchen, and makes alphabetized storage a breeze. Although there are low-priced solutions on the market, a well-made spice rack is something you'll use almost daily for years. When choosing a spice rack, look for something that fits your space and is durable.

It takes a little time to get your cupboard organized (and discipline to put everything back in it's proper spot) but it is a small effort that will pay off big in the kitchen.  

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