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Five Reasons Vertical Spice Racks are the Best

Five Reasons Vertical Spice Racks are the Best

1. Pull Out Spice Racks 

Spice racks that swivel, turn in a circle, or remain stationary have nothing on the  Vertical Spice Rack pull out mechanism. Lazy Susans are circular spice racks, but cabinets are square so a lot of cabinet space goes unused. Vertical Spice Racks are sturdy, square and can install right against the wall of your cabinet, leaving the rest of your cabinet open to install more pull out spice racks or allow additional space for your other kitchen tools and ingredients.

pull out spice rack

2. Clear Spice Rack Design

When it’s time to cook, it’s not necessary to pull out all your spices and replace them on the shelf. The  clear spice rack design makes it easy to pull out and easily select the spice of your choice. Other spice rack designs involve replacing your spices in a new container, Vertical Spice Racks are just grab and drop. 

3. Spice Racks Are Not Just for Spices

We’ve designed pull out racks for larger containers like oil, vinegar, alcohol, and more. But, the pure versatility of our spice racks have resulted in customers using them in unique ways. From nail polish to vitamins, to sauces and cans, hair & beauty supplies, to holding sewing materials, -the ideas are endless. 

maple spice rack

4. Design the Perfect Rack for Your Cabinet

Our  cabinet designer tool helps you measure your cabinet space to select the best pull out spice rack for your cabinets. We even provide measuring instructions to help walk you through the process. You can visually see how much space is left in your cabinet with the cabinet designer.

5. Easy to Install 

Vertical Spice Racks were designed to be installed quickly and easily. We provide the hardware, all you need is a screw driver.  Customers are surprised and delighted by how simple Vertical Spice Racks are to install. 

6. Made in the USA

All our pull out spice racks are made in the USA. Our in-store 3D printer print the materials and our talented  employees assemble at our location in Maple Grove, Minnesota. We then package and ship to our customers. Designed by us, built by us, shipped by us.

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