Vertical Spice

Functional, Solid and Good Looking Spice Racks Available in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes! Made from Strong, Solid, Natural, and Renewable Materials. Durable Coated 222x2x11 Spice Rack Full Access - Organized Storage

Functional, Solid and Good Looking Spice Racks

Vertical Spice offers spice organization and easy retrieval for the home chef.

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Available in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes!

Combine Several Unique Designs to Meet Your Custom Needs

Made from Strong, Solid, Natural, and Renewable Materials.

3 Material Choices - Durable Coated, Maple and NewWood

Durable Coated 222x2x11 Spice Rack

Our Best Selling Unit - All Products Easy to Install

Full Access - Organized Storage

Complete Cabinet Depth Access - 36 Container Capacity

Our mission is to provide the many home kitchen users a sturdy product to organize, visualize and easily access both their everyday and occasionally used flavors of life.

Vertical Spice was established in 2012 to share our unique kitchen cabinet storage innovations with other home cooks. Our design was developed after years of unsuccessful searches for a spice rack that fit our needs.  The “Spice Rack Drawer” and “Storage Solution Drawer” solved our needs by giving us easy access to all our spices and flavors in a compact space. We no longer tip over, spin-off, duplicate or lose containers in our cabinet. Our storage organization keeps expanding within our own home’s shelves as we enjoy the benefits of an efficient method to reach those back-row jars hiding in many cabinets.

We have worked hard to design a rugged product that will reliably function for years. We have sought out quality manufacturing partners and suppliers to ensure we will continue to produce the best product for our customers at a competitive price. The materials in our designs are sourced both locally and internationally. We have sought out earth friendly materials wherever possible. The Durable Coated units are made with an oven baked paint on a MDF interior resulting in a beautiful look. The Maple for our top end products is sourced from renewable forestry in Northern Minnesota. We will continue to create innovative products meeting our customer’s needs, both known and not yet imagined.

The founding “we” of Vertical Spice is Linda and Scott. Linda is the kitchen artist, continually searching for the next over-the-top recipe and always browsing through our cabinets for the prescribed spices. She is the quality control expert of our designs, whose input has refined the many prototypes until the final product is just right. Scott is the organizer, designer and builder with a goal to meet Linda’s standards for an innovative kitchen solution to storage needs. He has many years of experience in manufacturing and operations for companies growing from start-ups to established entities. Between the two and the evolving company of Vertical Spice, the strategy is to keep exceeding our customer’s expectations.